Web Camera
RBF Tutorial
Waveform Recognition
Neurocar   Web Camera  

Draw your own track or load a background image of your choice. Teach your car how to steer as you discover the road in front of you then the car can run automatically. Have fun teaching Neurocar how to drive on a race track of your choice.

Select a webcam of your choice, define the region to monitor in the image and teach up to four categories of objects seen in this region. Let it recognizes the objects and records the ones you want
RBF Tutorial   Wave Recognition  

This tutorial demonstrates how a decision space is built with the Radial Basis Function (RBF) model implemented in the CogniMem chip. The color of this area is the color of the vector category.

The Waveform Classification example demonstrates the use of the CogniMem neural network for signal learning and recognition. This example is written in Visual Basic 6 and its source code is supplied with the CogniPat Development Kit.
IKB   Image  
IKB is an amazingly simple application which lets you evaluate the accuracy and adaptivity of a CogniMem image recognition engine. Please Note: In order to get correct downloadable path of IKB, Please have a registration or log on firstly.


For your convenience to use IKB. You can also download sets of images sorted per theme.
Geography Lesson: Sort images of a rotating globe into continents and oceans (15MB)

Animal lotto: Sort the play cards presented correctly in front of the camera (5MB)