Company Culture

Our People
We understand that our people are our greatest asset. Our energetic, outgoing staff works in a supportive, team-oriented environment. United in our drive to achieve a common goal-to make our Company successful-we work hard everyday. Our employees come from diverse backgrounds and geographies, but share a sense of humor, a fun-loving attitude and a passion for the business.

This is a positive reinforcement of a job well done. This is demonstrated through our employee rewards including the 5th Principle and Global Honors Awards. We also firmly believe in promoting from within. All open positions are announced to the entire company and internal applicants are considered first. Our dream is for you to walk in our door and spend the rest of your career with us.

Work-Life Balance
Yes, we work hard, and our hard work pays off with rewards and career advancement. But we also understand that there is more to life than work. We show appreciation for our employees several times a year through social events and holiday parties. These events give us the opportunity to connect with our colleagues outside the office. Other social and sporting events, including intramural sports teams that are organized in many of our offices, give us more time to have fun away from work.

Our open door policy, which derives from the Company's Five Operating Principles, gives all employees at all levels access to senior management. Weekly communications meetings ensure Company Video is disseminated in a timely manner to all employees. At annual town hall-style meetings, where senior executives deliver a state of the business, employees are encouraged to ask questions about matters that are important to them.